Sponsorship Program Design and Sales

Sponsorship programs are a great opportunity to create value—for sponsors, exhibitors, and your event’s bottom line. However, they can be challenging, especially with a big event. It’s important to communicate the full value of your sponsorship offerings, help sponsors measure their ROI, and provide the best mix of marketing options, all while controlling your own costs. It takes considerable prospecting and sales skills to pull it off.

If your sponsorship results are falling short, we can help evaluate your current program and redesign it to better leverage your event assets as a platform for sponsorship—improving value for sponsors and increasing revenues for you.

We use industry best practices to design and establish value for sponsorship programs and have a track record of revenue growth in programs we design and sell, on average, generating a 14-19% revenue growth in the first year.

Highlights of our Sponsorship Design and Sales services:

  • Use industry best practices to design and valuate a sponsorship program

  • Proven sales results growing revenue for clients

  • Manage fullfillment on behalf of all clients

  • Help sponsors with creative marketing to best leverage their sponsorship